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One more time – by popular demand: destination Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show!  You may have heard that getting there is half the fun, but in this case, I would say it’s more than half!  Our mode of transportation is train—Amtrak.  Traveling via Amtrak is an experience I hope everyone has once in their lifetime.   Our trip starts in Des Moines where we meet the bus.  Our train depot is at Mount Pleasant, IA; the only station in Iowa with luggage handling.  Here we meet and board  the California Zephyr.  Experienced travelers say the California Zephyr is one of the most beautiful train trips in all of North America. As you climb through the heart of the Rockies, and further west through the snow-capped Sierra Nevada, you may find it hard to disagree. Our Scenic Highlights include:  Rocky Mountains, Sierra Nevada, Moffat Tunnel, Colorado's Gore, Byers and Glenwood Canyons, Winter Park, Truckee River and Donner Lake. 

On board, your 2-seat roomette will be home-base for the next 2 days.  This your personal picture window to the most spectacular sights this country has to offer. Enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner in the dining car and never miss a minute of scenery.  The observation car is open 24 hrs. and has glass from top to bottom – bring your camera!

This year we are going to see it all!  Our Amtrak ride takes us to the end of the tracks in Emeryville, CA.  Our bus will be waiting to take us to the hotel just a mile down the road.  A big day awaits tomorrow in San Francisco. 

Back on land, we spend today sightseeing around the San Francisco area.  You will have many iconic photo opportunities as our guide points out places and tells the history of this beautiful city—and of course see the Golden Gate Bridge.  We will see it from land and sea! Our bay cruise will travel around the bay going under the bridge and circle around Alcatraz Island.  Enjoy a wonderful city scape from the water.   Fisherman’s Wharf is where we end the day;   great restaurants and shopping.

I know it might seem hard to top all that excitement, but we’ll give a try with our stop today - Napa Valley - California wine country.  We will have a wonderful tour of a winery and then a tasting of their famous California wines. The smells and the beauty of this winery can’t be topped.  Then on to a  covered farmers market to experience even more of what this area has to offer.

Our travel day takes us through northern California and we land in Bend, OR.  Our home for two nights. A stop at a couple quilt stores and a visit to the Old Mill District dressed up for quilting rounds out the day.

 The Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show has probably been on your to do list for many years.  Who wouldn’t be tempted to see the world’s largest outdoor quilt show?!  This annual event is now in its 43st year!  We are just a 30 minutes ride to downtown Sisters  wrapped in quilts for this special day, creating a spectacular, colorful event that truly has to be seen to be believed.   The western-themed town closes main street to traffic and opens for walking site seers!  This is a day to enjoy the can-do quilts!  Who knows maybe you have a quilt hanging on one of the buildings!

Portland is the destination today and lots of scenery to enjoy on the way.  A brunch stop in the Columbia River Gorge is shadowed by the magnificence of Multnomah Falls.  I am sure the sight and beauty of the falls will be in your memory forever.   Then it’s on to one of our favorite and largest fabric stores the Fabric Depot.   They have fabric—fashion and quilting-yarn and sewing notions.  They are one of the largest independently owned fabric stores in the country with over 40,000 square feet of retail space! We overnight tonight in Portland, OR.

Portland has many of our favorite destinations.  One is the Pendleton Mill.  This time we will have a tour of the mill!  Pendleton wool has long been on the top of the list and who wouldn’t love a Pendleton blanket?  Another of our favorite stops is Bob’s Red Mill.  This is a great company and the employees just love sharing their story and products.  If you look, you will find their products on your grocery shelf!  A short trip on the road and we will be in Seattle.

Seattle is our departure city.  Here we board Amtrak for the northern route home; the Empire Builder.  First, let’s take a detour to see the whole city.  And what better place to see it all than from the Space Needle!  This is a landmark of the Pacific Northwest and an icon of Seattle.  At the base of the Needle you will find the Chihuly  Garden and Glass Art Museum.  Many a quilts have been made from images of Chihuly glass and I think you will remember those quilts when you see the  displays.  So beautiful!  Then one more  stop—Pike Place Market.  I love farmers markets and this one has been made famous by those fish guys! Stock up on the beautiful fruit and snack for our ride home.

The northern route for Amtrak is named the Empire Builder and it is Amtrak’s busiest long-distance route.  The train passes through Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota and our journey ends in Minnesota.  The route shadows major portions of the Lewis and Clark trail and footsteps of early pioneers.  It begins with a bang at the views of Mt. Hood and Beacon Rock down the Columbia River Gorge and passing through Glacier National Park. Montana’s big sky county fills your viewing window and gently blends into the North Dakota plains arriving morning hours in Minneapolis/St. Paul station. And here we find our bus waiting to deliver us back to Des Moines!


Day by day:

July 8:   Meet bus Des Moines–and or  board train Mt. Pleasant, IA

July 9:   All day on train

July 10:  Arrive Emeryville, CA

July 11:  Tour San Francisco

July 12:  travel to northern CA with stops at Napa

July 13:  Travel to Bend with stops at quilt stores and shopping

July 14:  All day at Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show

July 15:  To Portland Multnomah Falls and largest quilt store

July 16:  Pendleton Mill tour, Bob’s Red Mill overnight Seattle

July 17:  Seattle Space Needle—Chihuly Glass– Pikes Market—train

July 18:  on train

July 19: Arrive St. Paul Amtrak station; meet bus and return to Des Moines








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Amtrak Adventure

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show

Tour Highlights

Tour is limited to 36 people with 20 minimum needed


*Pricing for Total Tour:  I have reserved this number of each-

8 general seats reserved -reclining seats/overhead storage

      $2649.00 per person in a double ($500 deposit)

10 roomettes  - $2,999.00 per person in a double ($1,000 deposit)

3 Bedrooms   - $3,599.00 per person in a double ($1,500 deposit)


Bedroom and Roomette on the train will include all train meals.



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* Note about our Amtrak accommodations:   this tour is priced with roomettes.  A roomette is a two person accommodation equipped with two day seats that convert to two beds in the evening.  All of our roomettes are located in one sleeping car.  A porter is assigned to each car and will manage all our needs.  All the meals on the train are included. 


If you choose to go in the general seating: you will be in another car, but all of our general seating will sit together.  Then. your meals will be on your own.  There is a snack car with hot dogs, hamburgers, snacks and refreshments and the dining car is also open at your expense.  If this is your choice of travel you can deduct $350.00.


I have also secured three bedrooms.  The bedrooms are a little bigger and have their own bathroom.  You will be in the same train car as the roomettes. The meals are still included.  If this is your choice of travel it will be an upcharge of $600.00.

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Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show
 July 8-19

·  Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show

·  San Francisco Tour

·  Fisherman’s Wharf

·  Napa Winery Tour

·  Multnomah Falls

·  Pendleton Mill Tour

·  Bob’s Red Mill

·  Mill District Quilt Walk

·  Fabric Depot

·  Seattle Space Needle

·  Chihuly Garden and Glass

·  Pike Place Market

·  Amtrak  Train Travel round trip

·  Roomette with Sleeper on the Train


$1,000.00 non refundable deposit due by Oct. 30, 2017

($500.00 deposit for reserved seat or $1,500.00 for bedroom)

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